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Our Alternative Web Page for CCLPS Before Our Blog!

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My Page – ghosthunters.me

This is the page we started with for CCLPS. Give it a check if you get a chance. We have all sorts of information on the page, including photographs. Soon I’ll have a lot of it on this blog, but until then check this site for our updates.

I never thought this paranormal group would be comprised of women when I started the group. I think it’s neat that it turned out this way. Our first investigation ended with a hoot when many of the women took of running at full speed to their cars when a noisy pack of coyotes came close! Forget about running into stray people or astral beings – those are ok – just don’t send out the coyotes.

It was not at the location we had arrangements to investigate. That was changed at the last minute at the request of one of the owners. We were able to conduct an official investigation in the location we did only if we agreed to keep the name and location private. We did this with no problem. This was requested because the site has been touted as “haunted” for longer than I can remember. I’ve been in this area for about 25 years. Teens like to go to this and there has been a lot of vandalism. The gate is always kept shut and locked. It is an old cemetery and we definitely appreciated the ability and trust in allowing us to investigate the site.

We reviewed evidence during our meeting. The only evidence we obtained that night was a possible EVP.


Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

April 4, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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