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Dr Rita Louise and the truth about the Nephilim

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Dr. Rita Louise, ND

Dr. Rita Louise, ND (Photo credit: networker)

Dr Rita Louise and the truth about the Nephilim

This is a new educational and thought provoking video put together by one of our newest members. She is an author and radio show host. Soon she will have a listing on our East Texas Paranormal members page. For now you can find more of her videos on YouTube. You can find information about her radio show and archives of prior shows at Just Energy Radio. If all else fails you can find links to her shows, speaking engagements and books at Soul Healer. She and East Texas Paranormal Founder, Martha Decker already have a few speaking engagements scheduled for 2013. Those should be posted soon. In the meantime, sit back and watch Dr Rita in action and welcome her to East Texas Paranormal. We would love to hear your comments about Dr Rita Louise and the truth about the Nephilim.

Dr. Rita Louise

Dr. Rita Louise (Photo credit: networker)


The Infant Earth a Fantasy Young Adult Fiction by Katherine Grossmueller

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Solar System Planets.

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The Infant Earth

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The Infant Earth a Fantasy Young Adult Fiction by Katherine Grossmueller was written for young teen readers. Ms Grossmueller brings a new world to life through her writings. The story is about a dying world and one that is newly created. It’s about family and a cousin who was once a member of the Elfin royal family. This cousin happens to join forces with a warring wizard who has vowed to destroy the royal family. The same family that drove him out and into the dead zone of their planet to die. A meeting is held with the heads of the clans and they declare war on the wizard. They won the war but discover that they must leave their planet for a new home to keep everyone safe. When their planet is left somehow an orb mysteriously follows them through a warp that brings them to the red planet. The orb stays with the people while on the planet. The clans soon realize this is not the right planet for their people and decide to leave for another planet. Once they are ready to leave the orb turns into an angel and brings them to a newly born planet – Earth. Once there the Elfins start their new life and plan to teach humans what they need to know to live a better life.

I just finished reading the book and found that it kept my interest even though I haven’t been a young adult for a very long time. There are a few spelling or grammatical errors on a few pages of the book. Ms Grossmueller asked that readers be forewarned. When the mistakes were discovered it was too late for the printer to have them corrected. Even the best of us will have mistakes here or there. The first chapter introduces most of the characters so it’s an easy place to find out about them if you can’t remember a name. I don’t want to give away too much of the story but must say if you know someone who enjoys young adult fantasy, no matter their age, I think they will enjoy this book.

This is Ms Grossmueller’s first book and one that may become the first in a series if we are lucky. She is as ambitious as TL Jones, who is about to release the second book in her paranormal fiction series. Katherine Grossmueller lives in Wisconsin and has led an interesting life. In addition to writing fantasy, she had done her fair share of paranormal investigating. If you click on the link above for the radio show interview, you can listen in as she talks about some of her paranormal endeavors.

Find Katherine Grossmueller on FaceBook

Find her book The Infant Earth on Amazon, flipkart, or through other sources found on Google.

Happy reading everyone. You can find The Infant Earth a Fantasy Young Adult Fiction by Katherine Grossmueller at most online book stores.

Written by Martha Decker

September 5, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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