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Paranormal Times Paracon 2013 El Reno OK

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Panoramic map of El Reno, 1891.



Here’s a chance to spend a few days at historic Ft Reno in El Reno, OK see some interesting vendors and listen to four East Texas Paranormal members speak. The Paranormal Times Paracon 2013 has been a long time in the making and Tanya McCoy is working hard to make sure it goes off with as many exciting events as possible during and after. McCoy and her magazine Paranormal Times plan on putting this part of OK on the map without any bad weather even though they are taking the conference by storm and swirling around attendees with many choices to pick over the weekend of Sept 21-22.


Who is speaking from ETP? There is founder, Martha Hazzard Decker, Psychic/Medium Maria Elana Santos, Author/Investigator T.L. Jones and Author/Radio Host Dr. Rita Louise. While you won’t find Dr Rita or Santos on our member page yet, they will be there soon.


Tickets for the event are on Evenbrite. Get yours early. While there is not a lot of information on the ticket sales site yet, there will be and you can always contact McCoy or go to one of the other links to gather intelligence on what’s going to occur. Want to learn how to better your paranormal investigations? Want to visit a historic and haunted location? Want to get a gallery reading or learn more about research paranormal, haunted and historic places? Come to this event and have a good time. ETP hopes to see you there. Be sure to stop by their table and say howdy.



Come and listen to four ETP members talk about different topics.

Come and listen to four ETP members talk about different topics.




Would you like to contact Martha Hazzard Decker or T.L. Jones or Maria Elana Santos or Dr. Rita Louise? Please be out guest and contact them direct. They all do different things on their own and with the group. They will speak at conferences and on radio shows. Have a specific question for them – send it their way or you can contact ETP direct with any questions either here or on FB.







Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

June 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

USS Lexington

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I wonder, is this what everyone does when they visit the USS Lexington? That is, in addition to EVP sessions and shooting video with hope of capturing someone who may still be hanging out and performing their duties.

Leave your comments as let us know what you did when you visited the USS Lexington…..

Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

May 9, 2012 at 10:54 am

Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book

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dark day

Image by / // / via Flickr

Martha Decker

Solving Mysteries Surrounding East Texas in new book

by Martha Decker

Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book. Martha Decker is a longtime published news journalist. In 1995 she won a first place Associated Press award for specialty reporting for an article she spent a year researching before it went to print. She is also the founder of East Texas Paranormal,  a paranormal group dedicated to helping individuals in need of answers for unexplained events.

Decker currently is working to complete a book about paranormal experiences, hauntings, legends, myths and mysteries in East Texas. This area consists of all counties east of I45 and SH 75 from the Gulf of Mexico to the Oklahoma border or from the Red River to the Big Thicket.

She has heard stories about Tool, Eustace, Gun Barrel City, Malakoff and Peeltown along with other places near Cedar Creek Lake. Surely someone has a story to be told. Out of the way, odd, weird or unusual might just fit the bill. Decker can always use more information about things that may have already covered by other individuals. What about mysterious lights, big foot sightings and so much more……….

Decker is interested in hearing your story. If you have any information you would like to pass on please send her email at marthadecker@live.com. She can be reached by mail at PO Box 73, Kemp, TX 75143. Feel free to use the About Us page on this site and I will get her the information.

Author Martha Decker Looking for Paranormal Hauntings Legends and Mysteries in East Texas for New Book

New Orleans Voodoo Museum St Louis Cemetery and the St Pierre Hotel

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French Quarter - New Orleans

Image via Wikipedia

Soon to follow will be a post about historical locations in New Orleans. Yesterday I visited the very interesting Voodoo Museum and met the interesting John T Martin, druid and voodoo priest. Today’s trips include St Louis Cathedral and St Louis Cemetery #1. I may have a photo or two either her or on our page at Ghosthunters.me. During our stay we chose the St Pierre Hotel to rest our heads. It is made up of several buildings including former slave quarters. Part of hotel was built in 1790. This sounded like a place that may have some stories.

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Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

August 29, 2010 at 9:43 am

Dinner at the haunted Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie TX

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My birthday is in the middle of the week so several of us decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants. We went the the officially declared haunted Catfish Plantation! As always, the food was outstanding and the portions big enough to feed an army.

While we were there and I was being nosy I discovered two events that are planned at the restaurant. The first one is a Ghost Party in September. It will be hosted by Brandy Green, from Ghost Hunters International. Sounds like fun to me.

Who will join Brandy?

Then there is another event scheduled for October. This one is a ghost hunt with the Klinge brothers, Brad and Barry, from Extreme Paranormal. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. It looks like they will be there for two nights so everyone can get a chance at the ghost hunt.

Who wants to meet Brad and Barry?

If you live nearby this is a happening place to go during the week. There are happy hour drink specials Wed and Thurs. Then on Wed night you can get a free appetizer! Just don’t make the mistake I did a few weeks ago and drive over there on a Mon or Tues – they are closed.

I didn’t see or feel any activity on this trip. However, they did say a picture came of the wall in one of the rooms. My friend was hoping for a friendly pat from the friendly male entity. No luck there either.

There is always another time…..

Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

August 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm

Hill House Manor in Gainesville TX – ready for a paranormal investigation? Cedar Creek Paranormal Research Society is ready!

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Here is a brief walk through of a location CCPRS will probably investigate in the near future. The owner has an interesting website for Hill House Manor that is worth a visit. They allow paranormal groups to conduct investigations for a donation and even offer investigations that individuals can join who are not part of a group. Linda Hill will be glad to answer your questions. She and the Manor can be found on Facebook.

Written by Martha Hazzard Decker

July 9, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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